Harvested Rain Water To Water A Garden

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Can I use a rainwater tank to catch enough water to water my vegetable garden?

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · Yes, you most certainly can. The size of your garden, he climate where you garden and how much average rainfall you get during the growing season, and how much water you will need to sufficiently water your plants will all need to be considered before purchasing and installing a rain barrel or rain water harvesting tank.
For smaller city gardens or just a few plants growing in containers, you might could get by with a small rain barrel. For larger gardens with lots of plants you will probably need to go with a tank. Either way, the best way to use the harvested rain water will be with a drip irrigation line that runs through your garden.
If you go with a large tank system, you'll need to hook it up to as many downspouts from the roof of your home as possible. Otherwise, it will take longer to fill the tank and you might run out of water before it rains to fill the tank up again.
There are company's who specialize in rain harvesting. If you have a large garden and want to use harvested rainwater to water your lawn and other plants in the landscape, I'd suggest consulting and working with a prfessional to get the best results.)

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