Does clay pottery have to be fired in a kiln?

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If I want to make clay pots will I have to fire them in a kiln?

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · After a piece of pottery has been formed and dried completely, it must be fired to achieve permanency. Without the chemical transformation that occurs through firing, where all the molecular water is pulled out, an uncooked bowl dissolves back into mud once it comes in contact with water.
There are various ways you can go about firing pottery. You can buy a kiln or find some one or some place that has a kiln to fire your pottery or you can make your own kiln. There are three easy ways to make a kiln but you'll need to find the right prouducts to make it with. One way involves using a 55-gallon drum. Another method, "pit fire clay," involves digging a pit and using sawdust, paper and dry wood to burn around pots that are placed in the pit, and the other is "smoke firing in a trash can," which involves using a metal trash can and sawdust.
Whatever way you decide to go, do a good amount of research before trying it. always wear protective clothing and gloves when working around fires and high heat.)

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