Best height for a pergola?

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We want to build a pergola over our back patio that will be 14 x 14 but arent sure how tall to build it? Any opinions woul be appreciated.

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Answer #2 · Chason Arthur's Answer · I was in the construction business for many years. My company built many pergolas. The size of the pergola is up to you but I would suggest staying a foot or so below your eaves with the height of the structure. In general, keep the size of the structure in proportion with the size of your home, otherwise, iot could make your home look smaller.)

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · I'm not a professional carpenter but have built several pergolas over the years on my own homes...with a little help from my dad who is a professional:)

To answer your question as to the height of your pergola: A lot of it depends upon the height of the eaves on your house. If you plan on covering your pergola with vines, you will want to have it lower than the eaves. The reason for this is the tendrils of the vines might try to get under the shingles on your roof, the leaves will cover your rain gutters, or you could end up with vines infiltrating the soffit of the house. If your patio is lower than the house then it should not be any problem to build your pergola low enough to prevent this problem, and still allow you a reasonable height underneath. Too, if you build a pergola that is taller than your home it might look a little odd and out of place?)

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