Why Are My Daffodil Not Blooming?

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I have planted daffodil bulbs about 4 years ago. Of the more than 50 bulbs that I planted only a few bloomed in the first year and nothing in the last tweo years. All the bulbs do come up, nice and big leaves, but no flowers. What can I do to make them bloom?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Gabriel-There are many reasons bulb plants such as daffodils may not bloom or bloom very little. Not enough light, too much Nitrogen, which will force a lot of green growth not flowers, or not enough nutrients because of overcrowding or competition with other plants. Many of us plant our bulbs as a border around lawn and garden areas. Run off of high nitrogen fertilizers from lawns or adjacent garden areas may be over feeding these plants. The American Daffodil Society has a good list of conditions that would add to your problem of daffodils not blooming such as too soggy a soil or cutting off the foliage to early each year before the bulbs ripen. I have noted below the link to The American Daffodil Society page listing reasons why your plants may not be blooming. I felt this may help so you can copy this page an use it to help determine which reasons may be affecting your daffodils.


Please let me know if this has helped determine what might be affecting your plants.


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