Good Companion Plants For Sago Palms In Containers

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I live near Phoenix where it gets very cold as well as hot and dry. My sago palms do fine here, but I havn't found good plants to pair with them in their pots, that do not require much water. Sago palms turn yellow and die if they are watered too much.

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · John gave a great list of plants. A couple other types of plants that have low water needs to consider are Sedums (hundreds of varieties on the market) and Hen And Chicks.)

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Jennifer-I'm assuming you are looking for other plants that will be potted in the same pot with your Sago Palm. Because the Sago Palm's roots grow in a mass around the plant, planting in the same container would be not only hard as the sago matures, but competition for water and nutrients would hurt most other plants in the same container. If your pot is big enough you may be able to get some plants to grow for awhile, but for how long would depend on the room available for their root system.
Sago palms are actually not palms at all, but cycads, and can look nice with many plants that may not be considered tropical as the Sago. I noted a few plants that may survive in the same pot with the Sago if room allows. You may want to think about using other pots around your existing potted Sago and use it as an accent plant in a grouping with other potted plants. Sago palms can be used with other palms and tropicals, used as an accent plant against shrubs with shiny green leaves such as holly and indian hawthorns. You can also use thin leafed, spikey looking foliage plants as cordyline or ornamental grasses as a contrast to the sago palm. Depending on the size of your Sago Palm and container you may find one of the ground covers I have noted below would work for you.

I have friends that live in your location and the hot summers seem to be more of a problem than the winter months on your potted plants. If the pots are in a windy location during expected freezing nights they may be moved or covered as protection from freezing damage. I have listed a few plants you may be interested in. I have used some of these plants myself here in Sothern Calif. and once established have done well in pots needing very little water in the warmer months and sustained little to no damage in the winter.

You can click on the links below to go directly to the plant files in Gardenality to see pictures and the plant's characteristics. You can check with your local nurseries or garden centers to see what plants and their varieties are available in your area.

Plants that may be planted in same pot with Sago if pot size allows.

Oyster plant



Ice Plant

Licorice Plant

Orange Bulbine

Dusty Miller

Trailing Lantana

Plants that will do well in additional pots grouped with your potted Sago Palms.

Palmetto Palm

Red yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora)

Breath of Heaven


Dwarf Holly

Muhly Grass

Cordyline-comes in red and green varieties

Indian Hawthorn

Nandina-Several varieties of nandina work well in full sun

Bouganinvillea-There are smaller bush varieties that would work well

Firesticks-works well for contrast in leaf and color

Dwarf Oleander

Needle Palm

Purple Sage

There may be a variety of succulent ground cover you may like to help fill in your containers space. They come in many foliage and flower colors. You can check with your local nurseries to see what is available in your location and which plants may do well in your full day direct sun.

You can also search out other plants by clicking on the 'Plants' tab above and use option 2. There you can put in your hardiness zone (zone 10a-10b), type of plant, height, width, flower and foliage color, sun or shade, and other characteristics you desire to find plants that will survive in your location.

Hope this helped with a few ideas for your potted Sago or additional pots you may want to use as groupings with your existing potted Sago Palm.


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Answer #3 · Jennifer Young's Answer · Wow! You are a treasure trove of good ideas! Thank you!)

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Maple Tree

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You're very welcome. Please ask if you have any other questions.

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