Difference Between An Arbor And A Pergola

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What is the difference between an arbor and a pergola? Arent they the same thing?

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An arbor is usually a passageway, gateway or a spot with a single bench or swing for protection from the elements or placed at entryways to denote a sense of arrival in the landscape. Kind of like a threshold or doorway in a building. In landscape design, I often place arbors over gates on fences. Since arbors are smaller than pergolas, I usually grow small-trunk, less invasive vines, such as jasmine or honeysuckle on them.

A Pergola, on the other-hand, is often described as larger space. A shelter for a picnic table or on a deck or patio where people can congregate and interact in the outdoors. A pergola could also be considered an "outdoor room" that can provide shade and used for entertaining or just enjoying your outdoor space. This setting can be ideal for a property that has no real focal point, such as rolling hills or formal gardens. Large pergolas are ideal for the placement of lawn furniture, benches and swings, and offer a retreat to the owner and guests. Since pergolas are larger more sturdy structures, I often grow large-trunk vines, such as wisteria or trumpet vine(campsis), up and over them.

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