How To Keep My Dog From Destroying My Plants

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We have a 14 month old pup. Earlier in the year i planted African Daisies in a container, as soon as they started blooming, I moved them to our back garden and our pup ripped them to shreds; they did however survive. What is the best way to introduce new plants into the garden without having the dog rip them to shreds?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Thulani-One of my greatest joys is having my dog work with me in the garden. Most all dogs as pups can be damaging to gardens unless you are willing to take the time to show them what is allowed and what is not.

There are many deterents on the market to keep animals from entering your gardens or eating plants, but I am not a believer in keeping them from areas I enjoy myself and know they enjoy being with me. Sprinkling cayenne pepper powder around the border of your garden and flower beds to keep the pup out is just one remedy you can use. Cayenne pepper contains capsicum, a substance which is very irritating to the eyes and nose, and its scent is usually enough to deter dogs. There are many other remedies, but as I said, I personally do not want my animals to have bad experiences in areas I want them to enjoy with me.

Take the time to watch your dog closely while he is outside to make sure he does not eat any plants. If he or she begins to show interest in a particular plant, shout "No" to deter him and reward him when he moves away. Be consistent in correcting your dog's plant-eating behavior and always praise him when he responds to your correction. The key to changing your dog's behavior is to teach him to associate the negative behavior with reproach and the desired behavior with praise. Once your dog makes these associations, he or she should choose to seek your praise.

Using chemical remedies, fencing off plants and gardens, or tying up your dog to keep them from eating or trampling the plants is not a comfortable cure for you or your pup. They like you want to be outside and enjoy the garden the same as you. Think how nice it would be to have your dog with you planting and just enjoying the garden together. At 14 months the pup has had plenty of time already for this bad behavior to be a part of his routine. It may take awhile, but the rewards if you show them will be something he or she will look forward to.

My animals are my best friends and like my children when young needed to be taught right from wrong. I wouldn't use pepper around the house or tie them up to keep them from distroying things and my animals are no different. At least I had military school as an alternative if needed for my son, but they don't accept dogs in their program so just a little more training was needed and my pups not only learned not to destroy plants, but enjoyed picking up my trimings and carrying them to the trash.

Hope this helps.


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