What Is The Best Soil And Planting Instructions For Creeping Rosemary?

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what type of soil is best for creeping rosemary?

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Answer #1 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi Wendy,

Rosemary grows best in loamy, well-drained soil that allows water to drain easily away from the root system of the plant. Heavy clay that holds water after a rain can cause root disease with Rosemary plants. If growing in containers, use a professional potting mix and a container with drainage holes. Don't use the pro potting mixes that contain water saver type products.

The optimal soil pH for rosemary is between 6 and 7.5. If the soil pH is below 6, the soil can be amended with agricultural lime. A soil test will help determine which amendments you need. For assistance with a soil test, contact your county agricultural extension office, or obtain a 'do it yourself' soil testing kit.

If your soil is heavy in clay and retains water you will need to take a few certain measures when planting Rosemary. First dig the hole shallow but wide... about the same depth of the root ball and two to three times the width or more. Mix in a soil amendment that will break up the clay and allow for better drainage. Most nurseries should have a product that breaks up clay. Our nursery has one called Clay Cutter. A 50-50 mix of the native clay and soil amendment will work. Plant the top of the root ball above ground level mounding the soil mix to the top lip of the root ball. Do not put any of the soil mix on top of the root ball. A mulching product such as wood mulch or pine straw may be applied. No deeper than an inch or two with wood mulch.

Here's a few links to gardenality pages that should help you out as well:

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Hope this helps you and feel free to ask me more questions.

Brooks Wilson))

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