Suggestions For Property Line Plants That Attract Birds And Butterflies

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New to Mcdonough ga we would like to add plants to a 30 foot property line. There's nothing there now. Would like very low maintance with flowers for the birds and butterflies and us! Any ideas?

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Are you wanting evergreen plants or is deciduous ok? Deciduous plants loose their foliage during the winter months, and evergreens keep their foliage year round. Is the property line area in full sun?

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Linda Atkinson

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No evergreens please.... we have plenty... The property line is on the east side. Neighbor has evergreens, garage and trees which would shade during early morning but there's nothing to shade afternoon into evening sun.

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Answer #2 · Linda Atkinson's Answer · Thanks so much! See you soon!)

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Look forward to seeing you at the nursery!

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Linda,

Here's some suggestions:

Althea 'Rose of Sharon' -many colors to choose from

Lantana- many to choose from

Butterfly Bush- Many to choose from

Humming Bird Plant

Perennial Salvia- many to choose from

Of course this is just a few of the plants that will attract birds and butterflies.

Here's some Gardenality articles on this topic:

Have you found our nursery yet? Wilson Bros. Nursery in McDonough. Here's our Gardenality profile page:

If you can bring in a picture of the area and measurements we can help you with a free sketch and good advise right there at the nursery.

Hope this helps you.

Brooks Wilson))

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