When Is The Best Time To Spray Herbicide Weed Killer?

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I have some weird grass/weed in my yard that someone told me was annual pullum (I know the spelling isn't correct) and I am wanting to kill it so that I can plant new grass. When is the best time to spray Roundup on the grass/weed?

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Maple Tree

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Hi Betsey-From the pictures I believe you have a variety of Paspalumgrass. Here in Calif. we call it Watergrass and it is also known as Allisgrass. I get clumps of it every year in a few of my lawns, but it is easily dug up. The Roundup should be a good spot killer. Be sure to reseed or replace with sod to take over any sizeable bare spots. As your lawn gets stronger it will be harder for the paspalumgrass to take hold.

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Answer #2 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi Betsey,

John gave you a great answer.

I just wanted to recommend a cheaper version of Roundup. Roundup is up to twice as much in cost than most other brands. I own a nursery and garden center in Georgia. We carry Hi-Yield brand Killz All. It's 41% glyphosate and in a quart bottle is usually between 25-30 dollars. Roundup Pro, the exact same product is usually near or over 50 dollars. With the big corporate products you will pay more to cover their advertising and pretty packaging.

When buying gardening products I would find a local independent nursery that doesn't carry the 'big name' products like Roundup, Scotts, and so on. They all have the same active ingredients, however, the pricing is much different. And in many cases the big corporate products are diluted and require you to purchase a lot more product resulting in a much smaller wallet. It's called 'tricks of the trade'. Having been in the retail nursery business, I am very familiar with all of their tricks. I don't fall for their gimmicks.

Hope this helps you.

Brooks Wilson))

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Betsey-Possibly the weed you have is Pusley, Paspalum, or Panacum. These are a few summer annual broadleaf and grasslike weeds that can invade warm season grasses and gardens. Now is a good time to use Roundup if you choose. Roundup can be used best any time during the weeds growing season when the Roundup will be absorbed by the leaves and taken to the root system. For best results, apply on a warm, sunny day when temperature is above 60 degrees. Make sure there is no wind present. Any chemical carried to other parts of your lawn or other plant foliage could kill them also.

Once you have a new lawn growing, keeping it thick and healthy will be the best preventative measure for weed control. There are many articles here in Gardenality that can help you with all aspects of growing and taking care of lawns. Articles on planting or rejuvenation, fertilization, weed control, pest and disease control, watering, and mowing can all be found by clicking on the 'Articles' tab above and typing LAWN in the seach box.

Roundup will most likely kill any weed you have. I posted a few pictures of the weeds I mentioned above . I'm thinking one of these may be what you have. You can also upload a picture if you wish. Below your question and to the right of you name next to 'Edit Your Question' you will see where you can upload your picture.

Hope this helped.


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