Can Crown Vetch Be Cut Low Without Damaging The Plant?

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can crown vetch be cut down low without damaging the plant

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Answer #2 · Flo Chatham's Answer · About 10 yrs. ago I raked the crown vetch down and totally destroyed it. This I did in the spring.what a mistake I made, but finally it came back.
Again thank you)

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Flo,

Yes. Crown Vetch can be cut down low without damaging the plant.

Crown vetch is liable to form clumps that rise above the general level of the plant layer. You can prevent this by regularly trimming the vetch with a lawn mower with the blades set at about 6 inches above ground level. This being said, it is not necessary to do this unless you desire a uniform look.

Once the Crown Vetch has died off for the winter, for a cleaner look, it can be cut back to a few inches in height. The Crown vetch will come back in the spring.

If the Crown Vetch is being used for erosion control on steep slopes or hard to reach areas there is no need to cut back the old dead vines for the winter.

Hope this information helps you.

Brooks Wilson))

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