Do Coffee Grounds Help Flowers Grow?

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Hello all! I've heard an interesting gardening tip and would love to know if it's true before I try it out. Has anyone heard of sprinkling coffee grounds on your garden plants? I've heard this produces great results, and that the plants just love it- especially hydrageas. Thanks!

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · As Stephen pointed out, coffee grounds are great for plants. I've got a friend who is quite the beer drinker. He dumps about a quarter of every can of beer he drinks on the container gardens growing on his back deck and claims that's why they all look so good. His back deck looks like a tropical jungle. Beer, like Root Stimulator, contains B vitamins...maybe this is why?)

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Answer #1 · Stephen Whatley's Answer · Hi Victoria.

Go for it!

1. Coffee grounds, being slightly acidic and full of nitrogen,minerals which aid in plant growth and root development, are great for plants.

2. They aid in keeping ideal temperatures in the soil, keeping away harmful pathogens that could effect delicate roots.

3. Its a great snail and slug repellent.

If I could add,be sure to mix the grounds with other organic matter. Alone, they can cause a sludge that prevents air and water to enter the soil and could harm the plant.

I hope this information helps.

Stephen Whatley.)

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