How To Root A Mosquito Plant, Citronella?

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How do you root a mosquito plant

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Janice-The mosquito plant is easily grown, and new plants can be propagated from an original one with very little effort.

Start by clipping a cutting at least 4 to 6 inches long from an existing mosquito plant stem. Try to keep the cut smooth and clean. Make sure that there are at least three sets of leaves on the cutting.

Remove the lower set of leaves from the plant's stem. If you want to use rooting powder, dip the stem into a rooting hormone powder available at most nurseries and garden centers. If you can't find a rooting powder it is not manditory, as mosquito plants root easily without rooting powder.

Fill a cup with damp peat moss, and push the mosquito plant stem into it. Keep the peat moss damp, but not wet. Make sure the cup or pot has drainage holes in the bottom so excess water will drain keeping cutting from sitting in water and rotting. Wait a few weeks to allow root systems to develop. While rooting keep cutting out of direct sunlight in a well protected area with good indirect light.

After a few weeks,using a high-quality potting soil, plant the newly rooted plant cutting into the center of the soil. Water immediately, to help settle the planting mix and push trapped oxygen bubbles to the surface. After a few new sets of leaves have developed the new plant can be set in direct sunlight, but protected from hot afternoon sun for awhile if located in a hotter climate.

Hope this helps.

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