Is Japanese Skimmia Poisonous To Birds?

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I love Japanese Skimmia but was wondering if I should consider how it will effect the birds in my yard. Does anyone know if Japanese Skimmia is toxic or poisonous to birds or other animals? Is Japanese Skimmia good for repelling deer as well? If it is poisonous then maybe that is why the deer don't fancy it!

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To repel deer with Japanese Skimmia you would need to plant an entire hedge of it around whatever you don't want the deer to eat. Such as a vegetable garden.

The Berries of Japanese Skimmia will attract birds, and the flowers will attract humming birds. No need to worry about poisoning the birds.

If eaten in large enough quantities Japanese Skimmia can be very dangerous to humans. Keep children away from them.

Hope this helps you.

Brooks Wilson))

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Absolom Gabriel

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Thanks you for the great info! I love this site!!

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