Common Ivy -

(Hedera helix)

Groundcover Plants

Other Common Names: English Ivy,
Family: Araliaceae Genus: Hedera Species: helix
English IvyEnglish IvyEnglish Ivy Planted · 13 years ago
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It is my opinion that English Ivy is a plant that should be planted in contained landscape beds and islands. This means it will require pruning to keep in bounds. Otherwise, if you plant English Ivy too close to a woodland area, it can and will become invasive and possible destructive to the other plants and trees in the natural environment. That being said, it's hard to find a more attractive ornamental groundcover plant than English Ivy. Just make sure to prune runner to keep them inbounds. When planted around the base of larger trees, it will be also be necessary to prune runners to keep them from climbing tree trunks. English Ivy is also used in container gardening as a plant that will drape over the edges of pots and hanging baskets.

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