Coral Pastels Donalena Verbena -

(Verbena 'Donalena Coral Pastels')

Annual Plants

Other Common Names: Verbena
Family: Verbenaceae Genus: Verbena Cultivar: 'Donalena Coral Pastels'
Coral Pastels Donalena Verbena Planted · 8 years ago
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Plant Type: Annual Bedding

Sun Exposure: Full / Mostly Sun

Soil Type: Loam

Soil Drainage: Well Drained

Water Needs: Average

Level of Care: Low

Growth Rates: Fast

Flower Color: Peach, Coral

Attracts: Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Visual Attention

Foliage Color: Medium Green

Average Height: 0' to 1'

Average Width: 1' to 2'

Season of Color: Fall Blooms, Spring Blooms, Summer Blooms

Resistant To: Deer Resistant, Heat

Landscape Uses: Annual Flower Bed, Containers / Planters, Entryway, Hanging Baskets

Growth Habits: Trailing / Spreading

Theme Gardens: Butterfly, Cottage, Hummingbird

Soil pH: 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8

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Coral Pastels Donalena Verbena is a very floriferous trailing variety that produces an abundance of pretty, multi-color flowers in colors ranging from soft to dark coral. Verbena is probably one of the best plants for attracting butterflies..they love the flowers!

8 years ago ·
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Plant Verbena in containers or garden beds that provide well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine. In garden beds, raised or mounded beds are best. In containers, I always use a professional potting MIX rather than a cheap grade potting SOIL. Verbena needs at least 6 hours of sun per day to perform its best. When growing verbena in containers, you'll have to monitor soil moisture a little more closely throughout the season than plants growing in garden beds.

8 years ago ·
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Verbena can be trimmed any time during the growing season to keep plants tidy or in bounds. In beds I don't bother deadheading spent flowers. In containers, I remove spent flowers occasionally throughout the season. This help to keep plants fuller and encourages more flowers.

8 years ago ·
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I fertilize verbena at planting time with a slow-release pelletized flower food. Sometimes I'll give them a second dose of a mild organic fertilizer in mid-summer.

8 years ago ·
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Consistently wet or soggy soils can be a killer. On rare occasion I've seen white flies visit verbena. If this happens, spray them with Malathion insecticide and then again in 72 hours. Verbena need lots of sun, especially morning sun to dry the dew from the leaves. In shade they can develop powdery mildew.

8 years ago ·
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