Gardenality Member Ranks

As you spend more time on Gardenality you are rewarded with a higher and higher Gardenality "Rank".

What is member ranking all about?

So what's all this ranking business about? Aren't all gardeners created equal?

Nope, least not in Gardenality. Your rank on Gardenality is determined by your participation in the gardening community. The more you get involved, the more time you spend, and the more you contribute to Gardenality, the more points you earn and the further you'll move along in your journey, and up in the rankings.

Gardenality Rank is more than JUST prestige!

Gardenaltiy rank is more than just looking good. Since Gardenality is member-driven, updates throughout the site take member votes before they become live. The higher rank you are, the more votes you get. This means you will have a greater and greater impact on the gardening community as you advance.

So, how exactly is your score do you score points?

It's a basic formula that takes into account everything you've contributed to the site. Long story short, you want to make page views, comments, virtual gardens, edit plant files, publish articles, ask or answer questions, take or create quizzes. Just about everything you do on Gardenality scores you points!

The more you do, the more points you get!

In some sense this is a competition but, above all, rankings are meant to be a fun way to reward people for giving something back to the community and let other members know who is giving them advice.

Below are the Gardenality member rankings listed from the beginning to the most advanced:

# 1 Gardenality Seed
# 2 Gardenality Sprout
# 3 Gardenality Seedling
# 4 Gardenality Stem
# 5 Gardenality Bud
# 6 Gardenality Bloom
# 7 Gardenality Veteran
# 8 Gardenality Prodigy
# 9 Gardenality Guru
# 10 Gardenality Genius
# 11 Gardenality Champion
# 12 Gardenality Legend
# 13 Gardenality Administrator

In case you haven't noticed your current member rank shows up beside your name wherever it appears on

Gardenality Seed

Gardenality Seed

Gardenality Seed get 1 votes and require 0 Gardenality points.

Seeds are where all growth in Gardenality begins. Whether one is a seasoned veteran gardener or pro, or a novice just getting started in gardening, upon signing up to join Gardenality, one will have planted his or her self as a Seed in Gardenality. Now opportunity for growth will begin!

Upon accumulating a total of 100 points, which takes little more than setting up ones Gardener Profile, a Seed will have sprouted and completed this phase in the journey towards becoming a Gardenality Expert.

There are currently (14218) Gardenality Seed Members.

Gardenality Sprout

Gardenality Sprout

Gardenality Sprout get 2 votes and require 100 Gardenality points.

Sprouts have made the journey out of the dust, broken the ground, and can really begin to take in light. Sprouts have demonstrated their desire to grow in Gardenality. Sprouts are well on their way to Gardenality greatness.

Upon accumulating a total of 250 points, you will be sprouting throughout Gardenality in no time!

There are currently (196) Gardenality Sprout Members.

Gardenality Seedling

Gardenality Seedling

Gardenality Seedling get 3 votes and require 250 Gardenality points.

When a Spout has transformed into a Seedling, it can now take a closer look around and get acquainted with the more of its surroundings in Gardenality, finding ways that it can grow more. To grow, Seedlings have been busy taking or creating a Quizz or two, asking or answering some questions in Ask An Expert, making some Bug Reports, or tending to some other aspects of Gardenality.

Upon accumulating a total of 500 points, Seedlings will have completed this phase in the journey upward towards becoming a Gardenality Expert.

There are currently (56) Gardenality Seedling Members.

Gardenality Stem

Gardenality Stem

Gardenality Stem get 4 votes and require 500 Gardenality points.

Stems, by way of continued time spent and involvement, have begun to establish some roots in Gardenality. Stems have been active in their Gardener Profile uploading images of existing gardens, building a Virtual Garden or two, and making more Bug Reports. Or they've been active in the community asking or answering more questions in Ask an Expert, commenting on some Articles or Plant Files, or tending to other aspects of Gardenality. Others in Gardenality are starting to take notice of their contributions.

Upon accumulating a total of 1,000 points, Stems will have completed this phase in their journey upward towards becoming a Gardenality Expert.

There are currently (41) Gardenality Stem Members.

Gardenality Bud

Gardenality Bud

Gardenality Bud get 5 votes and require 1,000 Gardenality points.

Buds are not only gaining more attention from others for their contributions in Gardenality, but are also starting to gain a little respect. Other Gardenality members are giving thumbs up ratings to their Virtual Gardens, for their answers to questions in Ask an Expert, for their comments and edits on Plants Files and Articles, and to other content they've contributed throughout the site.

Upon accumulating a total of 2,500 points, Buds will have begun to open to a Bloom and therefore have completed this phase in their journey upward towards becoming a Gardenality Expert.

There are currently (25) Gardenality Bud Members.

Gardenality Bloom

Gardenality Bloom

Gardenality Bloom get 6 votes and require 2,500 Gardenality points.

Blooms have achieved the highest ranking in the Growth Ranks and are therefore on their way to becoming a Certified Gardenality Expert. Their continued tending and contributions to Gardenality is being recognized throughout the community. They’ve begun to write Articles and are answering more questions than asking questions in Ask an Expert. They are building more Virtual Gardens, creating more Quizzes to test the knowledge of others, and building more Plant Files.

Upon accumulating a total of 5,000 total points, Blooms will have completed the journey through the Growth Ranks and now graduate to the first level of Expert Rank.

There are currently (13) Gardenality Bloom Members.

Gardenality Veteran

Gardenality Veteran

Gardenality Veteran get 10 votes and require 10,000 Gardenality points.

By steadily climbing through all five Growth Ranks, Gardenality Veterans have demonstrated their expertise and their desire to contribute to Gardenality, providing valuable and useful knowledge to others in the community. Gardening Veterans are the foundation of the Gardenality Information Base as they sow more seeds of accurate information than any other rank of Gardenality Experts.

Upon accumulating a total of 10,000 points, Gardening Veterans will have completed this phase in their journey upward.

There are currently (2) Gardenality Veteran Members.

Gardenality Prodigy

Gardenality Prodigy

Gardenality Prodigy get 15 votes and require 25,000 Gardenality points.

Gardenality Prodigies have proven to be the “go to” one’s within Gardenality for answers to some of the toughest gardening questions on certain topics. When a Prodigy speaks, everybody listens. It is nearly impossible for a Prodigy to provide a wrong answer to a question within their field of expertise. In a rare event that a Prodigy does not know the answer to a question, he or she knows exactly where to go to get the right answer.

Upon accumulating a total of 25,000 points, Gardening Prodigies will have completed this phase in the journey upward.

There are currently (0) Gardenality Prodigy Members.

Gardenality Guru

Gardenality Guru

Gardenality Guru get 20 votes and require 50,000 Gardenality points.

Gardenality Experts, in their field, are the top of gardening experts in the world. When the Guru speaks, even the Prodigies and Veterans listen. In the rare event that a Prodigy cannot answer a question, never fear, the Gurus are here. Gurus are NEVER wrong. Even though the Gurus are world-renowned for their exceptionally high level of expertise and knowledge, they will take time out to provide information and answers to the most difficult questions.

Upon accumulating a total of 50,000 points, Gardening Gurus will have completed this phase in their journey upward.

There are currently (0) Gardenality Guru Members.

Gardenality Genius

Gardenality Genius

Gardenality Genius get 25 votes and require 100,000 Gardenality points.

Gardenality Geniuses have demonstrated themselves to have vast knowledge and expertise in a number or fields pertaining to gardening. As with Gurus, Gardening Geniuses are NEVER wrong. Typically, Gardening Geniuses are busy answering a multitude of questions steaming in from others that they simply don’t have the time to answer every question they’re asked. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to attempt to get an answer from one of these busy Experts. If you wait for more than a week to get an answer from a Genius, and you’ve grown impatient, step down one level and ask a Gardening Guru. Gardening Gurus seem to be a little more accessible.

Upon accumulating a total of 100,000 points, Gardening Geniuses will have completed this phase in the journey upward.

There are currently (15) Gardenality Genius Members.

Gardenality Champion

Gardenality Champion

Gardenality Champion get 30 votes and require 1,000,000 Gardenality points.

Gardenality Champions have demonstrated themselves to have vast knowledge and expertise in every…or almost every field of gardening. They’ve put in years and often decades of study and hands-on hard work to accumulate the level of knowledge that has attained them the trophy of Gardening Champion. Though Champions have received and placed their trophy front and center on a pedestal in their home or office, for the most part they have semi-retired, but occasionally will take a question or call from another Expert. Gardening Champions spend their days tending to their own secret gardens and nights writing their next best seller.

Upon accumulating a total of 1,000,000 points, Gardening Champions, who chose not to retire and still continued to contribute to the community, will have completed this phase in the journey upward to the last and final Expert level.

There are currently (0) Gardenality Champion Members.

Gardenality Legend

Gardenality Legend

Gardenality Legend get 35 votes and require 10,000,000 Gardenality points.

The title of Gardenality Legend is reserved for those Gardenality Experts who slipped out of public life to become "legends in their own time," or who have passed on or crossed over to the next gardening dimension. They have left a wealth of knowledge behind and their achievements will be talked about by gardeners worldwide for generations to come. When a Legend ventures out, you might find them quietly snooping around a botanical garden looking for that odd branch to snip and take back to their secret greenhouse for propagation. Occasionally, Legends can be found giving a lecture here or there at a University.

There are currently (1) Gardenality Legend Members.

Gardenality Administrator

Gardenality Administrator

Gardenality Administrator get 40 votes and require 100,000,000 Gardenality points.

These are the guys that keep the site working! Admins make sure members aren’t getting tangled up in either other’s vines, squash those pesky bugs, and listen to ideas in order to bring them to life throughout Gardenality. Consisting of the original creators, designers, programmers, and then new helpers we’ve found along the way, admins are here to help you and to ensure Gardenality is a fun and rewarding place to love gardening!

Although you won’t be able to advance to an Gardenality Administrator, just keep working your way up and you might just find us offering you a job!

There are currently (5) Gardenality Administrator Members.


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