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Please read before creating a bug report:

  1. Be sure that the bug you are reporting hasn't already been reported. Scan over the open bugs before you report a problem, this will save us both time by avoiding multiple bug reports concerning the same issue.
  2. Report only (1) bug or problem per report. Do not combine multiple issues into one report. Reports are free so create a seperate one for each issue. This makes it MUCH easier to track and respond to each problem you report.
  3. Be very descriptive. 'It doesn't work' may not be enough information to accurately diagnose your problem.
  4. List each step you took to create the bug. Some bugs are hard to reproduce unless a developer knows how it was encountered.
  5. Check your bug frequently to see if a developer had any additional questions regarding your report. We might have to ask
    a question or two in order to fix your bug.

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