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We want you to succeed with raising mason bees.

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Crown Bees Team:

Dave Hunter

Crown Bees

We want to help you raise mason bees to pollinate your spring garden and fruit/nut trees. Crown Bees raises western and eastern mason bees that are appropriate for your yard. We also have field/science tested nesting material, houses, and books!

Welcome to Crown Bees!The gentle Mason Bees don't sting!

Our company, Crown Bees, raises mason bees, pollinates orchards, and is involved with the scientific and commercial communities. With the challenges the honey bees are facing, our goal is to help you successfully raise mason bees for pollinating fruit/nut trees, vegetables, and flowers in your yard or orchard

Raising mason bees is quite simple and is becoming increasingly important with the challenges the honey bees are facing.

Here's a few major points:

  • Because the honey bee population is diminishing, we need Mason Bees to pollinate our residential and commercial crops

  • Mason Bees are very gentle creatures that do not sting

  • Raising mason bees is fun, easy and relatively inexpensive. There's only a few things you need to do throughout the year to enhance your success. We’ll help remind you through our Bee-Mail program

  • Mason bees need just a few essentials; food (pollen/nectar), clean holes, mud, a bit of “pest watching“, and a touch of morning sun

  • Harvesting in the fall is vital, and easy. We’ll teach you how

What You Need

Mason Bees are friendly!In order to successfully raise Mason bees you'll need quality Mason bees, Mason bee houses that work, Mason bee tubes, and Mason bee accessories.

Our products are innovative, easy for you to use, great for the mason bees, and field tested. We want to ensure that you receive the best products for your success.

Having the right mason bee for your environment is important. We raise west coast mason bees, eastern mason bees, and eastern hornfaced mason bees.

Our EasyTear tubes are unique. Our simple, yet effective mason bee humidity chamber helps your hibernating bees survive better. Our Mason bee houses that slant to remove excess rain…and many more attractive solutions.

Additionally, we have developed a mason bee attractant that works!

We help you raise gentle mason bees for pollinating fruit/nut trees and flowers in your yard or orchard.

Learn how easy it is start! Our website,, helps you understand what you need to do.


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