Zone 6A · -10° to -5° F · by Kevin Davis · Created 7 years ago · 680 Views

Minimum Temp:

Zone 4A · -30° to -25° F

Sun Exposure:

Full / Mostly Sun

Soil Type:


Soil Drainage:

Well Drained

Water Needs:


About Seasonal:

Plants in Seasonal: Burning Bush

Pictures of Seasonal

River Birch
'Princeton Sentry' Ginkgo
Fringe Shrub with red and white Weigela
White Fringe Tree
Dwarf Korean Lilac
Crimson Queen Japanese Maple
Fragrant Viburnum
Princess Diana Serviceberry
Serviceberry tree and Coralburst Crabapple
Pussy Willow
Seasonal Picture
Seasonal Picture
Seasonal Picture
Seasonal Picture
Renaissance Paper Birch
Japanese Ivory Silk
Swamp White Oak
Seasonal Picture
Colorado Blue Spruce
Tulip Popular
Weeping Cherry
Snowdrift Crabapple
Ohio Buckeye
Bald Cypress
Silver Linden
Dawn Redwood
Upright European Hornbeam
Eastern Redbud
Tricolor Beech
Seasonal Picture

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