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This article provides landscape and garden tips for October in Zone 8
by Brett · Zone 7B · 5° to 10° F to Zone 9A · 20° to 25° F · Growing Basics · 0 Comments · November 05, 2010 · 11,740 views

Weed, Pest, And Disease Control & Other Helpful Tips & Reminders

Apply weed preventer to your lawn

If you are not a lawn care program and you want to prevent winter weeds in the lawn apply a weed preventer sometime during the month of October.

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Check Crape Myrtle, Gardenia and other susceptible plants for honeydew aphids.

Aphids are those small green insects that you might find hanging out on the underside of the leaves of crape myrtle and other plants such as Gardenia. At night they move to the top of the leaf where they leave behind trails of sticky residue. This residue collects dust and pollution that appears like a black mold. To kill these insects you could spray a chemical insecticide or a product containing Neem oil.

Remove or kill weeds before they go to seed

Many warm season weeds set their seed during the fall. If you let existing weeds go to seed they will produce next years crop of weeds. Therefore, it is best to remove or kill weeds in your landscape beds and your lawn before they produce seed.

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Apply mulch around tender plants

Before there is freezing weather apply a 2 inch layer of shredded wood mulch, pine straw, or some other type of organic material on the ground above the root systems of plants that are known to be tender.

Bring houseplants indoors

When night time temperatures are going to drop below 50 degrees bring your houseplants indoors. Before bringing them indoors inspect them for insects and wash the foliage off.

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