The Hunt For Bessie & Bailey! Contest

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Find ladybugs Bessie & Bailey hiding on Gardenality and win great rewards!
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Contest Status: Bessie & Bailey were found!

Last Updated: December 7, 2012

The Hunt For Bessie & Bailey Contest!Find Bessie

Bessie & Bailey are two ladybugs who hide out in Once they've found a hiding place it's your job to find them and win some great rewards for doing so! See rewards below

After they've found a hiding place Bessie provides the first set of clues as to their whereabouts. Find clues below. If they are not found within a week, Bessie provides another clue the following Friday on this page. Don't forget to save this page in your favorites so you can get back here quickly to get the next clue!

Hint: You'll usually find Bessie & Bailey hiding in a picture or photo. As you are searching, don't think you'll be looking for these two critters in the size they're pictured to the right. They'll be much, much smaller!

How to win and get your reward?

When the contest is active, which means Bessie & Bailey are in hiding, and you think you've found them, use the Entry Form here to provide us with their precise location in Gardenality. A URL(page address) is one good way to let us know, or you can provide the title of the page.


DATE: December 7, 2012

Bessie & Bailey have been found by two searchers who won some great rewards from!

Where were they found?
Bessie & Bailey were found hiding in the picture of the Pansies in this Question in Ask Experts.

Who were the first two searchers to find them?

1st: Larry Guerra
2nd: Nancy Louviere

Here are the clues from Bessie that the winners used to find them...

...Okay, so, did you know there is a place in Gardenality that you can ask any gardening or landscaping question you want and then get quick and accurate answers to the questions from Gardenality Experts? If not, it's called Ask Experts and you'll find a tab for it in the main menu at the top of any page in Gardenality...

...Also, did you know that you can upload pictures to questions and/or answers in Ask Experts? So, now you should know what area of Gardenality we are hiding in...and that there are pictures uploaded to some of the questions. You know we like to hide out in pictures:-). Now it's your job to look at the past clues below and find what answer we are hiding in and what picture in that answer.

...So, where are we hiding this time? Well, you know I don't tell, and this time around we're gonna be very hard to find...I think. I always think that but then within a few days somebody finds us!

....Anyway, it's Fall now so Bailey and I were looking for a place to hide with lots of fall color. And to make it extra hard to find us we found these cute little red flowers to hide in. Oh, so you think just because I said red flowers that we're gonna be an easy find? Ha!...well, that's the only clue you're getting this week. Next week, after you've searched far and wide to find us, I'll be back with the second clue. Oh, so you think you're gonna find us before next week. We'll see about that. Now get busy're gonna need all the time you can to find us and be one of the lucky winners!

...and they do a lot of giving back in the place where Bailey and I have been hiding for the past two weeks. They're always in here answering gardening related questions for people who come in from all over the USA and around the world. It doesn't matter what question you have one of these guys can answer it. They answer every kind of question you can imagine: from how to prune crape myrtle trees, and many other types of plants, to recommending plants that provide fall and winter color in your garden.

...We're always wanting to learn something new about gardening and we've spent the past week surrounded by some of the most knowledgeable folks in the field of landscaping and gardening...from the west coast to the east coast of America.

...but this time around we're in a place in Zone 7B, where many plants and trees are going into dormancy...and where gardeners are looking for plants that have foliage or flowers during fall that will add some color...

...but what we've learned from these experts is that there are many plants and trees that gardeners who garden in colder regions can use to color up their landscape and outdoor living areas...


The first two searchers won the following rewards from

1st Place - $75 Gift Certificate to spend at
2nd Place - $50 Gift Certificate to spend at

Where To Report

When the contest is active and you think you've found Bessie & Bailey in their hiding place use the Entry Form to let us know precisely where you found them.


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