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by Lauren Stier · All Zones · Botany · 0 Comments · April 19, 2012 · 5,819 views

 I have been gardening for years basically vegetables and herbs, have some flower beds as well. I got into medieval gardening three years ago which has become a passion that is also a very taxing hobby as some will know all the hard work that has gone into gardening. Medieval gardening is not a set guideline for the main reason is that nearly all medieval gardens have disapeared over time after the medieval age. What did survive was mantained by Monks and Christain churches, today there are many new discoveries using methods that was used in the Egyptain discoveries. Finding that gardens were larger than what most experts knew of. There is a revival of these gardens to bring back the historical value and the beauty of such gardens. Books and records were destroyed over time due to such causes as fires and wars which held such wonderful information, it was the hand of scribes that had written most of the old texts and secured them back into their vaults only to be forgotten over the years. Researchers today are uncovering these old manuals discovering bits and pieces of what was all in a medieval garden. The best evidence of these gardens were recorded in tapasteries and wood block drawings of people working or enjoying the gardens.
My own research has taken months and would dare to say even a couple of years searching all known records and writing to places about medieval gardens. I have no degree in history or in any way a master in the Medieval Gardens but I am trying to bring back a dying art form and give anyone information that I have found as well. It is something to the ego when people stop by to view and comment on the garden as well as as questions about the design of the garden and how I did certain things. in time I hope to have all the information I have to be posted in here for the free use of all gardeners no matter who they are.
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