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A medieval garden is truely a beautiful wonder.
by Lauren Stier · All Zones · Theme Gardens · 0 Comments · April 15, 2012 · 3,912 views

So you want to start a medieval garden, there are alot of resourses and books out on the market about medieval gardens but the main thing is how do you want to vision your own medieval garden. Is it one of a general overview or a specific type? There is no clear cut plan or description of what a medieval is and is not from any one source so it is up to you as the creator of such a garden of what you vision for your own medieval garden. The main point is that it has certain things within the garden as such as seating, trellis, paths, beds for certain purposes, and of course the plants going into the garden.

To start a medieval garden you must realize just how much space you have and how realisticlly you can manage incorporating such items that was in a medieval garden. That does not mean you can't have a small medieval garden with a bench and a few beds of wild flowers if you desire, it means only that the more you want in a medieval garden the bigger it is going to get. First do some research as to what appeals to your taste then with pen and paper draw a basic plan of what you would like. next go out and measure the area you are going to create this garden in and draw it on graft paper. The reason for the graft paper is to design where your beds are going to be setting in, the pathways around the beds and last but not least the points of intrest you want in the garden. Here you will see just what you have excately and if you need to adjust any ideas you have before you get started, the worst things is to believe you can add more to a medieval garden then what you actually have (I have made alot of mistakes creating my own medieval garden and want to pass on some words of advice). Now go back to your garden plot and mark out all the corners, this will allow you to find your starting point for the garden. Unlike gardening today a medieval garden started in the center and worked out in a certain pattern they wanted to create. Once you find the center (use string going from one corner to the opposite corner) then you set your main attraction here. For a small medieval garden it could be a fountain or a seat. medium gardens could be a design around a statue, an arraignment of seats to a small garden pond, the larger gardens I would recommend installing a garden pond here with a bridge over the top. In medieval gardening certain bed areas has a certain purpose such as herbs, flowers, fruits, and berries (more on this later).
The thing here is eye appealing; do you and or your guest want to spend time in? Does it have the old medieval flair that you so desire? Dont worry if things change as you build much like any other gardens its the enjoyment you have when you work in it and then stand back to view all your hard work with a smile.

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