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This article will get you started in planning and planting perennial plants in the landscape and the garden.
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What are Perennials?

Simply defined, perennials are plants that come back after winter for two or more years in the garden. Many types, such as daylilies, hosta lilies, and iris to name a few, will return in the garden for decades.

Everywhere you turn there is someone touting the joys of perennial gardens on televisions, in print or over your backyard fence. Just what the heck is all this talk about and should you have a perennial garden in your yard? Simply stated the answer is Yes!

Investing in perennials is an investment in tomorrow. All perennials will spread as they grow from year to year. They will increase in size and in the number of blooms produced each season. In a few short years, you will be rewarded with an array of plants ranging from one end of the color spectrum to the other.

Where to Plant Perennials

The question isn't really: "Where is the best place to plant perennials," as there are perennial plants of different types and varieties that can be grown anywhere in the landscape or garden, no matter what the situation. So, the question is: What perennials will grow in the the site I intend to plant perennials in? To answer this question, you need only consider a few requirements:

  • Sun- Once you know how much sun the area you intend to plant receives, you can search for perennials that match these sun needs.
  • Soil - There are perennials that prefer certain soil types as well as soil drainage. There are types of perennials that will grow in anything from well-drained dry soils to poorly drained wet or boggy soils, and everything inbetween. Some perennials are picky as to the pH of the soil.
  • USDA Hardiness Zones - These zones are based on the minimum temperature that any given plant will tolerate. When selecting perennials, make sure that they are hardy for in your region.


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