Adding Plant Types & Growing Info To Plant File

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This article shows you how to add a new plant to Gardenality's plant database.
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Selecting Plant Types & Growing Information

Plant Types

When initially naming the new Plant File, you selected a MAIN category for the plant. Under the Plant Type tab in the Plant File Editor, you can select other Plant Type categories that apply to a specific plant.

Follow these instructions:

  • To begin, click on the Plant Type tab in the Plant File Editor.
  • Next, click on any Plant Types that apply to the plant you are working on.

Growing Information

Under the Growing tab in the Plant File Editor, you can select and provide information about the Level of Care, Growth Rates, Resistances, and Fruit Maturity of a specific plant.

Follow these instructions:

Add A New Plant - Growing Info PageTo begin, click on the Growing tab in the Plant File Editor as shown boxed in red in the image to right.

Then make selections in the following four fields:

Level of Care - This refers to how much or how little care / maintenance a specific plant typically requires. Select from High, Average or Low

Growth Rates - This refers to how fast or slow a particular plant grows. Select from Very Fast, Fast, Moderate or Slow. You can make multiple selections.

Resistant To - This refers to a particular plants resistances to common problems. Select as many as apply from: Deer Resistant, Disease Reistant, Drought Resistant, Foot Traffic Resistant, Heat Resistant, Insect Resistant, Mildew Resistant, and Salt Resistant

Fruit Maturity - This refers to the amount of time it takes for a fruit bearing plant or tree to produce fruit after it has flowered.

NOTE: During the process of making selections, you can "Undo" any selection you've made by clicking on the "Undo" link next to any particular selection in the Your Changes section as seen in the image below.

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