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This article will show you how to ask and answer gardening questions.
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How The Gardenality Ask An Expert System Works

Everybody, even the most seasoned experts working in the field, need answers to gardening-related questions. This is what Gardenality Ask An Expert is all about: getting you accurate answers to any question you ask.

How To Ask A Question

To ask any question you might have, click on the "Ask Experts" tab in the main menu at the top of every page in Gardenality.

Then follow these steps:

Search Knowledgebase First
Ask Experts Page Before asking your question, first search to see if the answer to your question already exists in the Gardenality Knowledgebase. Enter a word or phrase that is in the question you want to ask.

Example: If you want to know "How to prune Azaleas?", type "Azaleas" or "Prune Azaleas" in the search box. Then click on the green "Search" button.

If you don't find the answer to your question in the Knowledgebase, click on the green button that says "Click Here To Ask Your Question."

Ask Your Question

Ask Question Form

To ask your question follow these steps:

  • Title Your Question - Enter a brief, meaningful title to your question. Example: If your question is: "I have some Encore Azaleas that are now 6 years old. How and when do I prune my Encore Azaleas to make sure I don't remove any flower buds?", a good title might be "Pruning Encore Azaleas" or "How to prune Encore Azaleas."
  • Enter Your Question - Next, enter your question in the field just below the Title. Here you can enter the longer, more detailed version of your question. Be as specific as you need to with your question to get just the right answer.
  • Select a Category - Click on the Category link to select a Category that your question will go under in the Gardenality Knowledgebase (shown boxed in orange in the picture).
  • Keywords- Type keywords for your question in this field (shown boxed in purple in the picture). Example: If your question is: "How Do I Prune My Encore Azaleas?", good keywords would be: Prune, Encore, Azaleas. NOTE: Make sure to seperate multiple keywords with a comma.
  • Save Question - Click on the green "Ask Your Question" button to submit your question.
  • Getting Answers - Check back later to find answers to your question posted by other Gardenality Members. Find the answers in Questions & Answers in your My Garden Homepage.

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Ihad posted about my BarHarbor shrubs over a month ago and was just checking back to show what I ended up doing. Anyway, I can't find anything I did??? Do things Q and A get deleted often??? HELP

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