Creating A Gardenality Business Profile

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This article will show you how to create and build a Gardenality Business Profile
by Chason Arthur · All Zones · Gardenality Business Profiles · 2 Comments · November 10, 2010 · 20,137 views

Create a Gardenality Green Business or Organization Profile Today!

Own a nursery and garden center?...a landscaping business?...does your company manufacture a product or provide any type of gardening or green related service?

Well, your business can have a profile on Gardenality...for FREE!...FOREVER!

You can use your Gardenality Business Profile to introduce the products and services your business or organization provides to all those who visit Gardenality...24 hours a day!

Gardenality is a gardening website that attracts gardeners. Exactly the people you want to introduce your green business to. In Gardenality, your business won't get lost in a sea of non-green related businesses.

So how do I go about creating a Business Profile?

First, you must sign up for Gardenality. To do that, click on the Sign Up link at the top right of any page in Gardenality. After signing up as a member, go to your My Garden Homepage. You can start from there. To get to your My Garden Homepage, click on the My Garden tab in the main menu near the top of any page on Gardenality.

From your My Garden Homepage, press on the Business & Organization tab, then click Manage My Business Profiles to create or manage a Gardenality Business Profile.

Gardenality - Add A New Business Profile Link

Adding A New Profile

  • Enter the name of your business next to 'Profile Title.'
  • Select a Primary Type of business by clicking on the dropdown menu arrow to the right of 'Primary Type.' For example: If you are a nursery and garden center that also provides lawn maintenance services, you would most likely want to select Nursery & Garden Center as your "primary" type of business.
  • After selecting the Primary Type of business, click on the green tab that says: 'Add A New Profile'.

NOTE: Gardenality Members can create as many business profiles as they have businesses that they own or manage.

Additional Business Profile Management Information

Business Profile Overview
Business Profile Access
Business Profile Categories
Business Profile Coupons
Business Profile Forms
Business Profile Form Input Types
Business Profile Locations
Business Profile Pages
Plants and Products You Sell

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Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson · Gardenality Sprout · Zone 8B · 15° to 20° F
What if a member made a mistake adding a business profile? Folks sometimes change membership in organizations. Then they would need to delete their business profile entry. There has to be a delete feature when editing a profile. I need to delete b/c I mentioned an organization, but it's not entirely green, it's more technological. This format exludes a delete feature for each affiliation. Folks might make mistakes with it since it's so complex to grasp. Folks might drop out of their listed affiliations and would want to delete mention of them because they dropped out over philosophical differences with the organizations. Anyway, I'm just learning this format, it is rather complex with long running scripts, and the world wasn't made in one day, it was made in six, so I'm not worried that there is no delete button or X button by each business profile entry, a complete format can't all be made at first apparently. Maybe you know how to remove entries of businesses and organizations associated with a member's profile.

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