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This article provides information about choosing the best location for a shade garden
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Shade GardenShade can be found somewhere in every landscape. If nowhere else, there will be shade on the east side of every home or tall structure. Trees and decks also provide shade underneath.

Before you plant in a shaded area, monitor the amount of shade and sunlight they actually receive during the daylight hours. When measuring during the Winter, keep in mind the sun will be higher in the sky during the Summer. Make notes as to when there is shade, and when there is sun, or if there is no sun at all. Be as specific as possible.

The reason you want to be specific, is so that you can use the Plant Search on this web site to find a listing of plants that meet your specific requirements for SUN EXPOSURE.

TIP: Use the Plant Search to find any or all of the shade-loving plants that are listed on this site. When you get to the Plant Search, simply select your USDA Zone, then, maybe what TYPE of plant you are looking for (Shrub, Tree, Perennial etc.), then choose the SUN EXPOSURE. A listing of plants that meet your selected specific criteria will appear below the search. In the Plant Search, selections for SUN EXPOSURE include: Full/Mostly Sun, Morning Sun w/ Afternoon Shade, Morning Shade /Evening Sun, Mostly Shade/Shade, and Dappled Light/Filtered Sun.

Light is not the only major concern when gardening in shady areas. Frequently, inadequate moisture can be a problem. The thick canopy of a large tree or the overhang of a house can act as an umbrella, deflecting rainfall away from the ground directly beneath it. In these situations, drip irrigation systems or soaker hoses can be of benefit. Drip systems allow you to place a water emitter on only the plants that will need it. This being said, many shade-loving plants, such as the Hecheras are quite drought resistant and have low water needs.

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