Planting Bare Root Roses

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This article will teach you the different methods of planting roses.
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Planting Bare Root Rose

Before planting, make sure to soak the roots of your bare root rose for 6 to 24 hours in water to restore the moisture lost during transport or while sitting on a shelf.

STEP 1 - Dig the hole for your bare root rose 18" to 24" across and deep.
STEP 2 - Fill hole with water and make sure it soaks in within an hour. If the hole does not drain properly dig a few inches deeper. The hole should be wider than the diameter of the root system when spread out.
STEP 3 - Use the same recipe for your soil mix as with container grown roses. See Page 1 of this article.
STEP 4 - Next, shape a mound of soil mixture in the bottom of the hole, high enough so that the bud union or crown will be slightly above ground level when planting.
STEP 5 - Mix a 1 gallon solution of root stimulator and water, following instructions on the product label for mixing. Place the rose in the hole and pour the root stimulator solution over the roots.
STEP 6 - While holding on to the rose to keep it straight and at a level where the bud union is 1 inch below ground level, begin to backfill hole with backfill soil mixture to a level 3/4 of the way to the top of the hole, lightly tamping as you go. Add water to settle in and remove any air pockets. Continue backfilling until the planting hole has been filled.
STEP 7 - Water as needed to keep soil damp but not wet.
STEP 8 - Apply a 1 to 1.5 inch layer of age, shredded wood mulch or compost. Do not use freshly ground mulch as this can rob the soil of nitrogen plants need to thrive.

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