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This is article will give you tips on how to design your landscape by Landscaping Coach Russell Camp.
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If you are just getting started in planning your landscape garden there are some basic considerations and questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • What kind of garden do I want to take on?
  • What style of garden is most appealing to me?
  • How much time do I have to devote to it?
  • Do I want a low-maintenance landscape, higher-maintenance formal look or a botanical garden theme with lots of variety?
  • Do I want lots of color and fragrance?
  • Do I want provacy?
  • Do I want to work with a professional designer to help realize my goals or attempt to design or redesign it myself?
  • Will I install the landscape myself, or hire contractors to do the intsallation?
  • Am I the type that finds maintenance of a garden therapeutic or do I see it as a pain in the you know what?
  • Will I maintain the landscape garden myself or hire contractors to maintain it?
  • Do I want more lawn space for the kids to play on or more planted landscape beds that will include shrubs, trees, perennials ect.?
  • Do I want seasonal flowerbeds that I can change out from season to season or do I want perennial plants?
  • Do I want to attract wildlife such as birds, butterflies or beneficial insects?

If you are one who is considering getting into gardening, but are afraid to take the risk of doing it yourself - spending all that money for plants and watching them deteriorate or die - hopefully the information I provide here can be of good value and bring you more success and enjoyment. If you have an old landscape that has become overgrown, out of shape and/or is unsightly, hopefully you'll find some good tips and suggestions for getting it back into shape. For experienced gardeners or those who work in the green industry, perhaps you can find a tip or two to save some extra time and money or some techniques that can be useful to better please your clients.

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