Growing Tomatoes In Containers And Pots

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This article will teach you how to grow tomatoes in containers and pots.
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Tomato Plants In ContainersTomato container gardens are an alternative to a traditional tomato garden. Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables of people around the world. In some places tomatoes are being priced at three dollars per pound or more. Fortunately, everyone can grow their own tomatoes, even people that live in apartments or other places that don't provide enough space for growing a garden. The answer is to grow a tomato container garden. You can grow them on a patio or balcony. You can even grow tomatoes inside your home, or grow your tomatoes upside down!

Howerever you decide to grow your tomatoes in containers, the number one essential is sun. Tomatoes require a lot of light and will not thrive well without out it.

The materials you will need to gather for your tomato container garden are simple:

  • Container(s): Pots or containers that are 5 gallons in size, or larger (larger is better). Containers will need holes for drainage. Only plant one tomato plant per pot.
  • Soil: You will need a good soil. Preferably a potting "mix" that can be purchased from your local nursery and garden center, or one you mix on your own.
  • Seedlings: Seedling can be purchased from your local nursery and garden center. Or you can grow your own tomato seedlings from seed
  • Supports: Stakes or a wire cage to hold the plant upright when growing in the container.
  • Ties: String, or products called twist-tie, or sturdy-tie, will be needed to tie the plant to the stakes or cages.
  • Drainage Tray: You might need a plastic tray for drainage: good drainage is essential to the health of your tomato container garden.
  • Fertilizer: Last need on the list is fertilizer: A water soluble fertilzer for tomatoes, or well-balanced organic fertilizer.

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