Getting Started: A Brief Guide to Greenhouses

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A brief guide to getting started with greenhouses.
by Rory Bagley · All Zones · Tools and Equipment · 0 Comments · March 29, 2016 · 2,044 views

The ability to plant year-round is a welcome benefit to any green thumb or gardener, but unless you live in a very warm climate, you'll need a suitable greenhouse or grow tent in order to make that a reality. If you've never tried greenhouse gardening before, there are a few things you'll need to straighten out before you jump in.

Choosing a Greenhouse

Finding the right greenhouse or grow tent for your budget, anticipated production output, and size requirement is a crucial first step. Other considerations include durability, longevity, and portability, so throwing some extra money towards a high-quality greenhouse will provide many long-term benefits.

First Steps

Choosing the right location is very important, as a greenhouse isn't a temporary structure. If you plan to plant year-round, you'll want a stable foundation and an area with easy road access. Attaching a greenhouse to a garage or the side of your home is a smart move to help with stability, but freestanding greenhouses can ensure even sunlight on all sides of the structure.

Additional Features

High-end or custom greenhouses sometimes come with optional upgrades like built-in shelving, environmental control units, lighting, heating systems, ventilation, windows, doors, electrical systems, irrigation, and even tool racks. Shop around and see which manufacturers offer additional features before you make a decision.

Environmental Control

Controlling the temperature, light, and humidity are the three essential building blocks of a successful yield. Colder environments (including chilly evenings) warrant a heating system to ensure an ideal growth environment 24/7. Advanced environmental control systems have automated temperature monitors and scheduled irrigation to allow for minimum physical maintenance.


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