An Introduction to Azaleas

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This article will teach you how to grow azaleas.
by Jim Thornton · Zone 5A · -20° to -15° F to Zone 9B · 25° to 30° F · Shrubs · 0 Comments · June 28, 2010 · 6,178 views

Whether you are a novice or expert gardener, Ill share my experiences with this wonderful plant, some which might be contrary to the "by the book people." Anyway maybe, I can convert you to an "azaleaphile!"

In the future Ill address all aspects of the azalea:

  • Origin of azaleas: Where they came from and how they got to America. You might be surprised!
  • Selecting azaleas for your garden: How to buy and which plants are the "do-gooders" for particular areas.
  • Planting: How to and a few secrets for success.
  • Maintenance: Once established, this plant is very low maintenance for gardens. There are a few things you might need to do but most are on an "as required" basis.
  • Pruning: To prune or not to prune! Well, if you have to, Ill tell you how and when.
  • Problems: Yes, there are a few but not to worry. Here youll learn how to id certain problems and what to do.
  • Propagation: Heres the fun part! Want to grow your own? How bout from seeds, cuttings, air layering, etc, if you have the desire you can do it and Ill show you how.
  • Finally, where to find this wonderful plant...and this is the sad part. Once a upon a time we had small azalea growers, the mom and pop type that produced a wide range of azaleas for us to draw from. But, over the years, well, they just went by the wayside and we are left with the high-end commercial growers that push the easy-to-produce varieties and what they think might sell - and just for the spring, flowering season. Youve seen them! They are labeled, red, white and pink. Folks, theres more to azaleas than this.


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