How To Prune A Eucalyptus Plant Or Tree

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This article provides tips and instruction for pruning a Eucalyptus tree or plant
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Many types of Eucalyptus trees or plants are known for their rapid growth. If left alone, some varieties can become unmanageable. You can prune Eucalyptus to control size, enhance shape and density,and to imporve overall appearance.

When to Prune A Eucalyptus

The best time to prune a Eucalyptus tree or plant is during the hottest part of summer. If some bleeding occurs don't worry because trees heal much quicker in hot weather. You want to avoid pruning to close to cold weather in the fall or after freezing temperatures have arrived because this can cause dieback and/or encourage onset of disease. When cutting off larger branches it's not a bad idea to apply wound dressing to the exposed area to prevent diseases or infection. It's best to do pruning when conditions are not too humid as this could expose the tree to fungal infection.

How to Prune Eucalyptus Tree

Depending on the species and your needs, there are several methods for pruning Eucalyptus. This includes the following:

Eucalyptus respond well to pruning. Depending on the species and your needs there are different methods for pruning.

Smaller growing species of Eucalyptus trees or plants can be shaped into hedges or smaller shrubs. Wait until after their second year of life to begin pruning. At this time you can remove up to a third of their height, shaping them to a pyramidal form. Therafter, in following years, you can continue to remove up to a quarter of their height per year.

If you are using a Eucalyptus tree as a focal point specimen you can form them into a small tree. Again, wait until the tree is at least two years old to start removing lower branches. Keep in mind that many faster, taller growing varieties of Eucalyptus will lose lower branches naturally as they age.

You can also prune Eucalyptus tree to control their height. Pollarding encourages branching at the tops of trees and lower height. This pruning is recommended for trees that are at least three to six years old. Cut eucalyptus tree trunks about six to ten feet from the ground, leaving the side branches.

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Nice article. I'm sure there are many that aren't quite sure how to control the growth of their Eucalyptus tree. The eucalyptus was introduced in the 1800s here in California and can be seen everywhere. They can be seen everywhere from one end of the state to the other with two of them growing on my property. Many of us have the Blue Gum variety that in time can get to 75 feet and in some areas double this. I really like this tree but it is to everyones advantage they choose the right variety for their location. Besides taller growing eucalyptus there are many varieties that will fit well in smaller gardens also. As the article says, they are known for there rapid growth and can become unmanageable unless they are kept pruned to control size, shape, and density. The two Blue Gum eucalyptus I have are beautiful and easily kept at 25 to 30 feet with the pollarding method of pruning. Thanks for the Eucalyptus articles.

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