Pros And Cons Of Landscape Fabric

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This is a list of pros and cons that can help in determining whether the use of landscape fabric in your landscape and gardens would be beneficial or harmful.
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There is no doubt that a neat manicured landscape or garden helps to beautify any homes appearance. Unfortunately many of us don't have the time to maintain a perfect looking landscape or garden by continually removing the unsightly appearance of weeds.

One solution to controlling weeds in our landscapes is through the use of landscape fabric. This is a permeable textile material that covers the soil and allows some air, water, and nutrients to penetrate through to the soil. The material is used to block off sunlight which is needed for weed seeds to germinate thus keeping weeds from growing. Landscape fabrics are available in many sizes and designs to fit your needs such as weed control and soil erosion. These different fabrics can be purchased to use in gardens, potted plants, around trees and shrubs, and to keep borders between lawns and planted areas free from weeds. The increased concern over the use of herbicides has caused many of us to look closely at non-chemical alternatives to weed control.

There are many different opinions regarding the use of landscape fabric as an effective method in controlling weed growth in the garden. This list of pros and cons will hopefully help many in making the appropriate decision as to whether a particular landscape fabric is the best solution for their landscape or garden needs.


Attractive landscape or garden.
Installing a well designed area of landscape fabric over a well weeded and leveled location will not only create a garden free from weeds but create an exceptionally neat well manicured appearance.

Time and Energy saving.
With the proper installation of landscape fabric very little time if any will be needed to pull out weeds manually. Time that was spent on the clearing of weeds can now be spent enjoying and completing other tasks in your gardens.

Alternative to using chemicals for weed control.
Although there are chemical herbicides that are supposedly safe to use there are always cautions that need to be taken not to harm the environment and/or adjacent plants. Most herbicides also require several applications during the weeds growing season to keep them controlled which can take valuable time many don't have. Without using chemicals landscape fabric can help to kill and control weeds for a period of time in your landscapes or areas that are waiting to be planted at a later date or season.

Effective weed barrier.
Landscape fabric used as a weed barrier is tough, durable, dependable and long lasting. It is safe, easy to use, and lasts far longer than chemicals when used as an underlayment for patios, sidewalks, and decks.

Cost effective
Although some landscape fabrics and their proper installation may be considered expensive they may not be for the person whose time is needed elsewhere instead of in the landscape or garden clearing it of weeds. Time spent pulling weeds, cost of herbicides, and the time to apply them several times a year may make the landscape fabric rather inexpensive for those whose time is better spent elsewhere .

Erosion control
Landscape fabric can help in holding soil in sloped gardens and on hillsides that wash out easily during rains.


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